PVDA Ride for Life



Welcome to the 2017 PVDA Ride For Life

The 2017 PVDA Ride for Life will be held on June 24th and 25th.   UNITY –Through the 2017 PVDA Ride For LifeTM UNITY – Through riding in our “Fundraiser Freestyle” UNITY – Through participation via our “Phantom Horse” entry UNITY – Through volunteering UNITY – Through being a RFL show sponsor, riding in memory of someone, being a fundraiser, making an in-kind donation or sponsoring a class or breed award UNITY– Through competition in the stall decorating contest UNITY – Through being a vendor  

Rider Donations

Rider donations consist of personal or business pledges, and you can DONATE ONLINE TO JHU TO SUPPORT A PARTICULAR RIDER OR TO MAKE A PERSONAL OR BUSINESS PLEDGE DIRECTLY TO JHU. Ride Times are usually published about a week before the show and can be found here: 2017 Ride Times here or Visit the competition page for more information and past results.

Fundraiser Freestyle

Welcome to our Fundraiser Freestyle. The format of the “Fundraiser Freestyle” is a single un-judged class, regardless of level, open to individuals wishing to raise funds for the PVDA Ride for LifeTM. The “Fundraiser Freestyle” is being ridden concurrently, but outside of the Recognized Show. Our riders may have chosen to ride a Musical Freestyle TOC Class, or a USEF or FEI TOC in celebration of someone (e.g. a survivor or in memoriam) or a true “free” style and just for fun! Our riders each made a minimum donation to ride in the class, all of which goes directly to JHU. We require that they wear approved Helmets and while we permit and encourage costumed participation, each rider will keep the safety & well-being of their horse at the top of their list. At conclusion of the “Fundraiser Freestyle” you will have the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets to vote for your favorite horse and rider team via People’s Choice! All proceeds from the People’s Choice will also go to JHU and will be included in the total amount raised by the rider in the Fundraiser Freestyle, and will be the basis for selecting the winners of the class - to three places by Division (Open, Adult Amateur and Jr/Yr).

Maureen O'Donnell - Past JHU Surgical Oncologist Fellow

This inspiring video shows the fabulous results we have achieved in concert with Johns Hopkins Breast Center through their Breast Cancer Oncology Fellowship!