PVDA Ride for Life

Open Letter to PVDA from Past Oncology Fellow – Dr. Rosemarie Hardin

Dear PVDA,

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to your organization for making my training as a breast surgical oncologist at Johns Hopkins possible. After I completed my training I settled in Wheeling West Virginia. This is a small community and there was no breast oncologist in the area. Women would  have to travel to a nearby major city for a breast oncologist if desired, several hours away from home for many.  For 6 years, I have been providing much needed specialized breast care to the women of the Ohio Valley. I cannot tell you how rewarding my career has been to this point and how grateful I am each and every day to be able to be a part of my patients’ journeys to survivorship. My training was a blessing to myself and to all the patients that I have treated and without your support this would not have been possible. Your generosity created a ripple effect and stretched farther than you could ever imagine. I am amazed every day that I meet new patients who fight this disease with great strength and grace and as long as we continue to fight, we will win. Thank you for your kindness, dedication and generosity. I am eternally grateful and so are the women of the Ohio Valley!