PVDA Ride for Life

We Are Pleased to Announce our 2018 PVDA Ride for Life Theme Winner – Claire Lacey and her Winning Theme – PASSION

The PVDA Board and Ride for Life Committee are pleased to announce that the winning theme for the 15th Anniversary of the PVDA Ride for Life is “Passion”. While we received many good entries, this theme, submitted by outgoing President of our Board, Claire Lacey, seemed most fitted to the event. As set forth in her entry, the theme captures our members’ “Passion for life, passion for riding, …[and the celebration of] 15 years of being passionate about R4L & what it does. Because of the passion people have had for this project, R4L has blossomed for 15 years! “
The PVDA Ride for Life was founded on and thrived because of its union of passion and purpose – an irresistible combination. The theme will be expressed in a logo including a Passion flower that will be revealed soon.

The Ride for Life has also had a strong component of remembrance, including those persons we have lost to breast cancer, but in this case, we also will pay tribute to one of Claire’s students, Grace Colga who was very passionate about horses and who died far too young, in an accident. We hope her family will be pleased that we will carry forward her passion for horses and do good to others in the continuance of the PVDA R4L.

Thank you to all who submitted such good entries!