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Breast Cancer Statistics

In 2016, 302,130 women and 2350 men were diagnosed with breast cancer in the United States. The projection for 2017 is 320,000.

Among the 302,130 women diagnosed with breast cancer, 60,000 women were diagnosed with DCIS, stage 0 breast cancer. This type of breast cancer, is the earliest stage of breast cancer and can only be found with a mammogram.

40,290 breast cancer patients died of breast cancer in 2016.

Every 2.2 minutes someone is diagnosed with breast cancer.

Every 10 minutes someone dies in the United States of breast cancer.

70% of individuals diagnosed have NO known risk factors that predispose them to getting breast cancer.

23% of women diagnosed are under age 50.

The average age of diagnosis in the United States is 53.

The incidence of breast cancer continues to climb, with Baby Boomers being the primary group being diagnosed currently.

Only 12% of those diagnosed have any family history of breast cancer.

6-10% of individuals diagnosed carry a breast cancer gene as the cause of their disease.

There is an 85% survival rate overall in the United States.

More than 3 million Americans are alive who have had this disease.

80% of women diagnosed are candidates for lumpectomy and do not have to lose their breasts.