PVDA Ride for Life

UPDATE: The PVDA Ride for Life is pleased to offer another category for riders bringing donations this year –there will be a separate category for the rider who raises the highest donations through “Corporate Donors” (defined as companies or the dba used by a sole proprietor that donates to JHU on behalf of a rider.)  Riders may bring individual private donations as well, but those will be counted separately towards the other categories.  Awards  will be made to three places, (1st, 2nd and 3rd) as in the existing AA. Professional JR/YR and Phantom categories. Any rider bringing donations ( bless them all) that wins or places in one category will not be eligible to receive an award in another category. (This is so that as many people can be recognized for their efforts as possible!) All riders bringing donations still remain eligible for Plateau Awards, which are separate.”

Rider Donations

Riders – Take the Challenge!
2012 High Pledge Winner

Since 2004, the Potomac Valley Dressage Association has dedicated one of its four annual licensed Dressage Shows to raise funds in support of Breast Cancer Research. We are dedicating this year’s Ride for Life to Betty Thorpe, past PVDA president who passed away from breast cancer in early 2016. We wish to honor her legacy with our theme of CELEBRATE and a goal of 100% rider participation this year. Please consider taking up the challenge this year and setting a personal goal to help raise donations, even if it’s just a small amount. All of the rider donations GO DIRECTLY to Johns Hopkins Breast Center. Just think, if everyone participated with a pledge goal of just $100, we would increase our rider donations by almost $20,000! This is a huge contribution to helping make a difference in someone’s life.

How it Works: Riders raise donations while competing for High Pledge Ribbons and Overall High Pledge Awards. This year, we are continuing the benefits for riders raising donations for the Johns Hopkins Breast Center which include our Rider Plateau Awards and High Pledge Awards in five categories. See more information below:

Rider donations consist of personal or business pledges, and you can donate online.

Rider Donation Forms

Phantom Horse Class

When a call went out for ideas to increase fundraising participation for the PVDA Ride for Life, the concept for this class was suggested by a PVDA member. This class provides the opportunity for those not competing at the Ride for Life show, who ride another discipline, or who are volunteering to still raise funds for the Quality of Life Research Fund. Now everyone can participate!

Download the entry form for the Phantom Horse Class

“Riders” compete on “phantom horses,” but instead of placing by score, class ribbons are awarded based on the amount of donations collected.

Fundraiser Freestyle

PVDA is pleased to announce the return of the “Fundraiser Freestyle” – to take place in the indoor of the PGEC on Saturday afternoon, June 24, 2017. The “Fundraiser Freestyle” class is open to individuals wishing to raise funds for the PVDA Ride for LifeTM in in a single unjudged class, regardless of level. The “Fundraiser Freestyle” will be ridden concurrently, but outside of the Recognized Show. The rider may choose to ride a Musical Freestyle TOC Class, or a USEF or FEI TOC in celebration of someone (e.g. a survivor or in memoriam) or just for fun! There will be a minimum donation to ride in the class, all of which will go directly to JHU. During the Saturday afternoon CELEBRATION on the concourse,attendees are encouraged to further support the Fundraiser Freestyle of their choice by purchasing raffle tickets for their favorite horse and rider team! All proceeds from the raffle will also go to JHU and will be included in the total amount raised by the rider in the Fundraiser Freestyle, and will be the basis for selecting the winners of the class

Download the entry form for the Fundraiser Freestyle Class

Entrants in the PVDA show, the Phantom Horse Class and the Fundraiser Freestyle are eligible for:

    • High Pledge Ribbons
    • Overall High Pledge Awards
    • Rider Plateau Awards
(L-R) Laura Ryan, Jennifer Tingley, Jeannette Bair, Jessica Katz, Victoria Ridgway

(L-R) Laura Ryan, Jennifer Tingley, Jeannette Bair, Jessica Katz, Victoria Ridgway