PVDA Ride for Life

PVDA Ride for Life Dancing Horse Challenge

Silva Martin

2013 Dancing Horse Challenge Recap

The 2013 Dancing Horse Challenge was a fantastic display of dressage prowess! We had incredible performances from World Class riders including Catherine Haddad-Staller, Julio Mendoza, Leslie Morse and Kathy Priest. We had a lovely Garrocha and latin dance, bridleless bareback riding, incredible drill ride and a fun Pas de Deux. All of these rides were performed to incredible music!

We also had two wonderful speeches from guest speaker Lillie Shockney of the Johns Hopkins Breast Center and also George Williams, USDF President. We also had guest Emcee and TV personality Dr. Katy of the Pet Show on News Channel 8 offer a wonderful commentary with our 4th year Emcee Sparky Masek. It was a truly entertaining evening!

By fundraising efforts, Jeff Dwyer was our 2013 People’s Choice Winner, followed closely by Tami Batts and Catherine Haddad-Staller. Jeff rode Coca bridleless and bareback in a very emotional performance as a tribute to Coca’s owner, Collette, who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Jeff also flew in Collette’s daughter, Clair, as a special treat for mother and daughter. It was truly the emotional performance of the evening.

This year proved however that in future years, we will not only offer a People’s Choice Award for the crowd favorite but also a fundraising award for High Pledge Performer. Catherine Haddad-Staller’s incredible finale ride performed mostly with one hand was by far the crowd’s favorite performance in 2013 and a phenomenal display of dressage!

2013 DHC Viewing Opportunity provided by DTO

Dressage Training Online

If you missed the performance, you can view it in entirety at our Sponsor, Dressage Training Online (DTO). In order to view the entire performance you must join, but in honor of this event, DTO is contributing 10% of all new member initiation fees between July 24th and July 31st, 2013. Show your support, view this lovely venue and stay on board to experience the wonderful world of online training brought to you by DTO.

For a sneak peek of this year’s performance, view the short clip offered below:

2013 Dancing Horse Challenge Sneak Peak


2013 Dancing Horse Challenge Gallery

Click any photo to view at a larger size. Photos courtesy Gary Cline, Studio Equishots.

2012 Dancing Horse Challenge Gallery

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2011 Dancing Horse Challenge Gallery

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Previous People’s Choice Award Winners

  • 2007 – The Ladies of Wyndham Oaks Quadrille
  • 2008 – Jane Hannigan and Maksymillian
  • 2009 – Rebecca Barlow and Jaralyn Finn Pas de Deux
  • 2010 – KYB Dressage/The Barteaus
  • 2011 – Shannon Dueck and Ayscha and Bent Jensen and Orlando
  • 2012 – Bent Jensen and Orlando
  • 2013 – Jeff Dwyer and Coca